Rose Dream Origami

ISBN:9784255009414 / Cコード:0076 / 発売日:2016/10/07

Rose Dream Origami
[Special Origami Paper included]

Toshikazu Kawasaki 定価: 2,376円(本体2,200円+税)

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『[解説DVD&オリジナル色紙付き] ばらの夢折り紙』(9784255007878)の英語版。

Special Origami Paper included

A complete guide to six types of Kawasaki Rose, supplemented by online videos showing the models being folded by the author

・Instructions are provided for folding six types of the origami rose known worldwide as the Kawasaki Rose.
・Based on mathematics, the origami models designed by Dr. Kawasaki are characterized by a geometrical beauty and engaging folding sequences.
・Check out the online videos showing models being folded by the author.

『[解説DVD&オリジナル色紙付き] ばらの夢折り紙』(9784255007878)の英語版。

今回、すべてのばらの折り図が改良され、「3分ローズ」「5葉の葉っぱ」「7角ローズ ボックス」などの新作も収録。



    is an origami artist and professor at the National Institute of Technology, Anan College. He was born in 1955. After entering university, he started creating his own origami models, characterized by an ingenious design style. His rose, in particular, known as the “Kawasaki Rose”, is recognized worldwide. He received his PhD in number science, presenting a thesis on origami titled “Theory of Deformated Bird Bases”. He is a leading expert in the field of mathematical origami research.

    川崎敏和(かわさき としかず)
    折り紙作家、阿南工業高等専門学校教授。折り鶴変形理論で博士号(数理学)を取得。次々に独創的な折り紙を考案。とくに「ばら」は"Kawasaki Rose"とよばれ、世界的に高く評価されている。